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Dr. Erica Mongé-Greer

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Dr. Erica Mongé-Greer (Ph.D. Divinity, U. Aberdeen) is an Author and Writing Coach. Her academic work includes specialized research in Biblical Ethics, Mythopoetic Texts, and Ancient Near Eastern Languages. Erica loves to read and stream science fiction stories where the worlds of Religion and Futurism collide. Learn more by visiting www.ScholarlyWanderlust.com.


Divine Council, Ethics, and Resistance in Psalm 82 is the culmination of research and literary exploration across more than a decade of teaching at Universities and traveling between the U. S. and the U. K. This book explains and evaluates the many different lenses through which scholars read Psalm 82 by tracing linguistic origins, mythical provenance, and liturgical value.


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Dr. Mongé-Greer is available for speaking engagements on Hebrew bible/Old Testament, Biblical Ethics, Divine Council, Bible and Myth, and Psalm 82.

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